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Thanks for the support and solidarity in all your responses and for forwarding the details we have been sending you to your friends.

Over 200 NGOs of Gujarat including Janvikas have come together under the aegis of Janpath Citizen's Initiative to support voluntary relief efforts in Kutch and other affected districts of Gujarat.

In Kutch, we have commenced coordination of relief work with the Kutch Navnirman Abhiyan, a collective of 14 grassroots NGOs working in Kutch district. The Abhiyan originated as a response to the devastating cyclone that hit Kutch in June 1998, and subsequently emerged as a joint platform to undertake a range of development initiatives.

Organisations in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc) have all been co-ordinating with Navnirman Abhiyan as they are the people in the field with long-term experiences in the earthquake affected areas. Rest assured your money will be put to the most appropriate use.

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The best part of all this is that this process (of rehabilitation) does not need experts, except at the mapping and information generation stage. Once that is done, shared with people, then their accumulated knowledge, collective wisdom, and adaptive skills will surely work out the 'best practices'.  
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