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Narmada Bachao Andolan - Future Plans - March 5, 2001  

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Extracted from a letter from the Narmada Bachao Andolan received on 5th March, notes what they plan to do and the help that they require for their work.

"...We (NBA and it support groups and centers) plan to continue to work on a long term basis in the earthquake affected area.

Starting a Health Centre
In a village called Balasar which is very remote and there is no hospital or health centre in 50 villages around it in - an area upto 40 sq kms. The villagers of Balasar are to donate land for the centre and two doctors have volunteered to stay there for three months. We need a lady doctor -a gynecologist if possible. Even if she could come for a week to ten days it will be good. If male doctors are willing to come and give a week or ten days, it is necessary. Later more doctors will take over on a rotation basis till the health center is recognised by the Government and a permenant posting of doctors will be done either by the Government or through some voluntary organisation. The two doctors who have volunteered are to camp there from next week and administer to the surrounding 50 villages. One of them is an orthopedic surgeon. As not a single house is standing in Balasar, they will start work in a tent and later some permanent earthquake resistant structure will be built.

Reconstructing the talabs
The other work to start is desilting of the village pond by three feet so the rain water storage will be enough to last for a year. There are also breaches in ponds and lakes in the area due to earthquake and we plan to undertake a survey of the extent of damage and estimate of costs. These structures have to be repaired before monsoon otherwise there will be break of such structures and flooding and further damages. We need a volunteer with some technical know how to help in this exercise also.

Training of masons in earthquake resistant housing
The third work is training of masons of that area in rebuilding earthquake resistant houses with use of local material and incorporating their traditional know how with some unconventional changes where ever required.

Rebuilding schools
Rebuilding schools will be the fourth in the line. All the school buildings in the entire area are broken."

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