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What is New - Added on June 1, 2002
June 1st, 2002

  • The Communal Carnage In Gujarat
    Challenge for secularism
    By Asghar Ali Engineer, Deccan Herald, June 1, 2002

  • Gujarat violence planned, not an outcome of Godhra: PUDR
    PTI, New Delhi, June 1, 2002

  • May 27th Update: Relief and Rehabilitation
    Summary of Mr Harsh Mander, Country Director, Action Aid India Address - May 27, 2002

  • The Gujarat Massacres: The Cost of Silence
    EKTA Statement, May 2002

  • Final Order on Gujarat dated 31st May, 2002
    NHRC Report, May 31, 2002

  • Disquieting incidents
    Editorial, The Hindu, June 1, 2002

  • Innocence lost
    Darshan Desai,The Indian Express, June 1, 2002

  • Investigation as collusion — II
    By Brinda Karat & Subhashini Ali, The Hindu, June 1, 2002

  • Probe report names 2 Gujarat ministers
    The Times of India, June 01, 2002

  • The Guilty of Gujarat
    Kingshuk Nag, Editorial, The Times of India, June 01, 2002

  • Ahmedabad police suspect saffron hand behind blasts
    Rathin Das, The Hindustan Times, May 31, 2002

  • Another NHRC report indicts Modi
    HT Correspondent, The Hindustan Times, May 31, 2002

  • We need this passion, but for another battle
    Let this cry for war be a cry for a war against poverty
    B. N. P. Setlur, The Indian Express, May 31, 2002

  • Gujarat Carnage - the Non Resident Indians (NRI) perspective
    By Gautam Appa, London School of Economics, 30 May 2002

  • Muslim widows
    A case study in Delhi By Neelofer Haram, PUCL Bulletin, March 2002, A monograph