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Writers and Artists to Unveil a Symbolic Structure of Wali's Mazar
27th May, 2002

Sahmat exhibition gets big response
HTC, Friday, March 22, 2002

New Delhi The response to the photo exhibitions and sale of artworks organised in the Capital to raise funds for relief and rehabilitation of the riot victims in Gujarat has been overwhelming with the sale crossing Rs 3 lakh on Thursday. ..

This was announced by the Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT), which has organised the exhibition. SAHMAT had urged the artists to send their works for the sale. Over 121 works were collected, which included many of well-known artists like Satish Gujral, Arpana Caur and Jatin Das.

Ethnic Cleansing In Ahmedabad: A Preliminary Report, SAHMAT, Fact Finding Team To Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad, 10-11th March 2002

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Report of Minutes of Meeting held of the Forum of Artists
9 th July 2002, New Delhi

Source: Aman Ekta Manch: Action Updates -IX July 12,2002

Forum of Artists
Date: 9 th July 2002
Venue: Indian Social Sciences Institute

Mahashweta Devi, Harsh Mander, Rajmohan Gandhi, K.Sachidanand, Ashok Vajpayee, Ganesh Devi, Krishna kumar, Anand ,Uma Chakravarty, Meena Radhakrishna, Prakash Luis, Apoorvanand, Sehba.

As a continuation of efforts by the artists forum an eminent group of artists and literatures met at ISI on 9th July, at 5:30 pm. to discuss further action regarding the situation in Gujarat.

Harsh Mander talked about the situation in the camps and pointed out that the way the state authorities were subverting relief and rehabilitation methods is unprecedented. Despite the assurance from the Prime Minister´s and affidavits in courts the Gujarat Government is cutting down food supplies to the relief camps in Ahamadabad. The volunteers running the camps and the inmates are constantly under direct or covert threat from the authorities.The camps are in fact being closed down forcibly.

Other issues brought up in the meeting were:

  • There is improper or no assessment of the damage to houses and property of the victims. The few rehabilitation packages being distributed are paltry and insufficient.
  • Follow up on FIRs and action against the culprits is essential to restore confidence amongst the victims. Letting the culprits go scot free would set a very dangerous precedent.
  • NHRC´s inaction after the report is a matter of concern. Letters should be sent to the commission requesting the members to see to it that the report is implemented. To achieve this, if required they should even go to the Supreme Court.

After intense discussion the decisions taken at the meeting were.

1) Immediate filing of a PIL in the supreme court demanding the

    a) implementation of NHRC recommendations and
    b) The appointment of a commissioner with the power of the supreme court to oversee the implementation of the court‘s orders.

2) A delegation will meet the members of NHRC to prompt them to go to court with the demand for implementation of its findings as the NHRC is authorized to do so by the statue of law

3) The legal action against the culprits and follow up on the FIR´s will be done separately from the PIL.

4) Planning for a national campaign later in the year should start now. The campaign will involve people from all over India converging towards Gujarat and meeting in Ahamadabad on a pre-determined date for a convention and the re-building of Wali Daccani´s Mazar. It was decided to start collecting names of representatives from various cities to organize the national campaign at a mass level.

5) Organize artists and writers groups to visit Gujarat and spend time with the children in the camps.

Ganesh Devi from Ahamadabad offered to co-ordinate lectures and workshops for artists and writers for any group interested in visiting Gujarat he can be contacted at: