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Suggestions for Action

24th February 2003 
  • Urgent Call for Action
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    • Protest in front of your local Indian Embassy (find contact details at

    • Fax letters of protest to your local Indian Embassy (find a sample letter below as well as contact details at

    • Send emails and faxes of protest to the president of India and the Indian Prime Minister (sample letter and address contact details available here).

    • Send letters to your national government requesting that they put on hold all bilateral aid or investment in the Indian state of Gujarat until action is taken to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of violence in Gujarat.

    • Lobby your national government to ban the entry of senior Indian officials implicated in the genocidal process.

    • Lobby the media to ensure continuing and appropriate coverage of the issue.

    • Send letters of support for Indian women activists struggling to prevent such crimes against humanity from recurring and spreading. Please send these to WLUML ( and we will re-forward them to the coalition involved.

    • Mobilise around the situation in Gujarat as part of all your 8th March activities (background information is available here).

    WLUML is aware of other international efforts that focus on promoting justice for Gujarat and preventing future attacks. Email if you wish to be kept informed of the longer-term initiatives you can be involved in. These (e.g. the "Campaign Against Hate" in the USA" or the "Stop Funding Hate" in the UK) include exposing the international forces at work through an investigation of Hindu diapora organisations' fundraising activities. Funds supposedly collected for "welfare" or "relief" are in fact used to fund the Sangh Parivar, prompting activists to challenge the registered charities status of such pretend NGOs.