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June, 2002

Appeal from Sahmat

1. The victims of the carnage in Gujarat, to this date, survive in sub-human conditions. Women and children, as always in such circumstances, are the worst affected. Among the numerous problems that confront them, an immediate issue is how to bring back some normalcy to the lives of their children, by ensuring that they return to school in the coming academic year.

In response to this urgent need, SAHMAT is collecting fixed amounts of money from friends, in the form of regular monthly contributions, for a period of one year. We are approaching you with the appeal to contribute 12 post dated cheques each for Rs. 500/ 1000/ 1500 or more ( or one for the consolidated amount). The cheques maybe made out in the name of SAHMAT who will, in turn, send the contributions on a monthly basis, to organisations in Gujarat , who are
engaged in sponsoring children´s education.

2. SAHMAT has been mobilising relief material for Gujarat and sending it regularly (almost twice a month) with the help of other friends and organisations. Please keep sending the material to

SAHMAT office
8 Vithalbhai Patel House
Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001
Tel- 91-11-3711276/ 3351424/ 9810633765 ( Shabnam).

You may send and mobilise: clothes- cotton dresses for women, children´s clothes, sheets, durries, books and notebooks for children, colours, toys, utensils, foodgrains