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The International Initiative for Justice in Gujarat
An Interim Report, December 2002

Updates on Relief and Rehabilitation

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An International Appeal
Individuals, Organisations, Corporations, Companies, Schools and Colleges in India And Abroad
Appeal for Emergency Funds

A joint appeal issued by
May 1ST, 2002


The targeted orgy of violence against the people of Gujarat, especially the minorities, has left in its wake despondency and desperation. It has already claimed the lives of more than 2000 Indian citizens, and turned over 100,000 into refugees in their own land. Even as we issue this appeal - the violence continues. Islands of terrorized survivors huddle together across the state in over 100 miserable relief camps, in both urban and rural areas. Betrayed by neighbours and friends, left for dead by the state, they are a truly broken people.

The relief camps, being run largely by members of the affected minority community, are being able to provide no more than minimal conditions for survival. Many rural camps are simply large clearings with thin tattered sheets strung overhead; the sides are open and hot winds continually buffet the human beings scattered like debris around the compound. In one of the largest camps in Ahmedabad there are only 22 toilets for over 12,000 refugees - that's over 500 people per toilet! Disease is spreading. In the relief camp at Godhra over 40 children are already suffering from measles.

To make matters worse, the Gujarat government is threatening closure of many camps, and forcing people back into the very villages and neighborhoods where they were brutalized. If camps organizers refuse to comply, even the minimum government subsidy of Rs. 15 worth of food grains and Rs. 5 for miscellaneous expenses per person is being withdrawn. This has already happened in Dahod District where at least 5 relief camps have been forcibly shut.

But the worst may still be round the corner. The summer heat and the June monsoon may be the last straw that breaks the will of these people who have survived what no human should have to live through. They have seen their children killed, maimed and orphaned; women stripped, raped, and burnt; their life savings destroyed - ashes scattered to the wind. Can their bruised and battered bodies survive the searing sun and relentless rain? They need your help. Shelters have to be built on an emergency basis, tarpaulin tents provided, food and medicine is urgently needed.

This is a dark hour for India. Your help will ensure not only the survival of these brutalized people, but create hope for the survival of Gujarat as the land of Gandhiji and hope for India as a secular democracy - a country of which we can be proud once again.

Cash Donations

In Delhi cash donations can be made to members of AMAN EKTA MANCH against a receipt.

Contact address:
c/o Jagori, C-54 (top floor)
South Extension
Part II,
New Delhi 1100049.
Telephones: 91-11-6257015 and 91-11-6253629.

Cash donations can also be made to Jaya Srivastava of AMAN EKTA MANCH by contacting her at
Telephone: 91-11-6523395 and 91-11-6523417.

In Ahmedabad cash donations can be made to members of CITIZENS INITIATIVE against a receipt.

Contact address:
St.Xaviers Social Service Society
P.O. Box 4088
Nr. Kamdev Mahadev Mandir
Ahmedabad 380 009
Telephone: 91-79-7910654


Indian and Foreign cheques/drafts can be made to either of the following:

Please Mark 'Gujarat Relief' at the back of all cheques/drafts. Those donors who wish to give their names and contact/email addresses should write them at the back of the checks.

1. In the name of St. Xaviers Social Service Society, and sent to St. Xaviers Social Service Society, P.O. Box 4088, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, 380009, Gujarat, India.

2.In the name of SAHAJ and sent to Sahaj, 1 Tejas Apartments, 53 Haribhakti Colony, Race Course, Vadodara 390007, India.

3.Those who wish to give aid to rural relief camps in two of the worst affected districts of Gujarat - Panchmahals and Dahod - should make their checks/drafts in the name of ANANDI, and send them to Anandi, Akshardeep A Apartment, G 3, Jalaram 3, opposite Setu Pani, University Road, Rajkot 60005, Gujarat

4.In the name of Action Aid Society (for Aman Samudaya), and sent to Action Aid, 71 Uday Park, New Delhi 110049. India. (note: Only Indian checks can be accepted by Action Aid. Foreign checks/drafts should only be sent to any of the other three addresses given above)

5.In addition to emergency relief and survival measures, legal aid to the victims is also being provided by several volunteer based legal cells. Funds are needed for paper work, court fees, and to support travel, board and lodging of the legal aid volunteers working in the relief camps. Those who wish to earmark their donations specifically for legal aid can make cheques/drafts (both Indian and Foreign) out to St. Xaviers Social Service Society according to details outlined above.

Please mark 'for Gujarat Legal Aid' at the back of these cheques/drafts.

Electronic Money Transfer

Name of Account: St. Xaviers Social Service Society
Account number: 01100050714, State Bank of India main branch (0301), Bhadra, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001, India

Swift Number: SBININMBBA204

All Indian donations are tax exempt under Section 80 G.

For More Information Contact

In Delhi

Kiran Sahi or Malvika
Action Aid. Telephones: 91-11-6510254 / 351

Vani Subramanian (Saheli).
Telephone: 91-11- 6854504.

In Ahmedabad

Bhavna Ramrakhiani (Ahmedabad Community Foundation/Citizens Initiative)
Telephone: 91-79-7910654.
Mobile: 98240-34650.

Sejal Dand (Anandi/Citizens Initiative):
Phone: 91-79-6859794

Stalin K.(Drishti/Citizens Initiative):
Phone: 91-79- 6840002.

A joint appeal issued by
May 1ST, 2002