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APARAJITA - VHAI’s Response to Gujarat Earthquake
3rd Update - Feb 3, 2001

APARAJITA - VHAI’s Response to Gujarat Earthquake

3rd Update 2nd February 2001

After providing emergency medical help and relief to villages around Bhuj, VHAI has identified 15 villages for focussed relief work in the second phase. This includes five villages in Bhuj, four in Bhachau and five villages in Anjar Talukas respectively. Names and other details about villages are:

Name of the village                     Approximate No.   Approximate No.

 of deaths       of Households

A. Bhuj Taluka

1. Kanayabe      40                          120

2. Dengara         80                          150

3. Jawaharnagar                          100                          200

4. Morsar           80                          150

5. Morkhana      70                          150


B. Bhachau Taluka

1. Gadermora   120                          300

2. Baniari Vant  80                          150

3. Naugau          80                          150


C. Anjar Taluka                                Details are being procured and will be given in the next update.

11 Relief teams are already in position in the Talukas of Anjar, Bhachau and Bhuj. Four of these teams are from VHAI, two from Gujarat VHA, one from Rajasthan VHA and four teams are from Khoj projects of Jodhpur, Bodhgram and Barmer in Rajasthan and one Khoj project in Gwalior.

Each relief team of ten members consists of 1 medical officer, 2 paramedical professionals, 2 social workers, 1, development expert, 1 local person with thorough knowledge of local logistics and language  and volunteers.

As reported by our teams, villagers are in dire need of plastic sheets, blankets and other household items. It was decided by VHAI teams to move ahead with medical and other relief material support in an organised and well coordinated manner. Relief material collected at VHAI is arranged and distributed to affected people in survival  kits which consist of 


A Survival Kit Contains

1. Medicines

2. Dry Rations

3. Plastic sheets for overhead cover

4. Clothing and Blankets

5. Cooking Utensils, Bucket, Mug and Jerry Can

6. Candles and Match Box

7. Basic toiletries (soap, toothbrush, comb etc.)

Three truck loads of fresh consignments of relief material are on their way to Bhuj and Rajkot.


Support received at VHAI:

It is heartening to report that there is very appropriate and timely support from local communities, individuals, corporate houses etc. who are coming up with generous donations for our efforts. Employees of ESCOTEL, colleagues from VHAI and several State VHAs and individuals have contributed their one day salary to the cause.

Artists meeting to raise funds

On Thursday, February the 1st, a group of eminent artists got together a t VHAI to discuss modalities of raising funds. Important decisions taken in the meetings are:

The fund raising effort should not only involve visual artists, but also performing artists. For this purpose, a fund raising event is being planned by VHAI in collaboration with India Habitat Centre.

At the event, works from eminent artists should be displayed together with organising performances by famous dancers and musicians.

Funds raised through these events will go to support the affected village artisans in the disaster affected areas through VHAI.

Keeping the gravity of the situation and the extensive damage and devastation, we are further upscaling our effort and this will carry on with great deal of efficiency and sensitivity till the next Saturday, ie, February the 10th. By that time we will have a clear idea of long term involvement of our teams. The team at Bhuj has been further strengthened with experienced teams from Gwalior, Jodhpur and Jaipur joining the existing VHAI team.

We are in touch with Ministry of Agriculture, overall in-charge of relief operations. We are providing feedback on the ground situation and paper clippings services to all key government officials and UN agencies.

We are also in mainstream TV and media, regularly sharing our experience, views and recommendations to policy makers and public at large.

Important information for making financial support to earthquake victims through VHAI:


VHAI Registration No. 7948, Dated 23rd January 1976

FCRA No.                                231650063

Bank details:


1. Foreign Currency Account:

   Standard Chartered -  Grindlays Bank, 10, Parliament    Street New Delhi.  

   A/C No. 23852530


2. Canara Bank, Jeet Singh  Marg, New Delhi

   A/C No. 21537

VHAI is recognized as an institution of national importance by  the Government of India. Donations to VHAI are exempted from Income Tax under Section 10(23C)iv as applicable to institutes of importance throughout India and under Section 80-G of IT Act 1961.

Further, as per Government’s decision, donations to VHAI for relief and rehabilitation of Gujarat earthquake victims, are 100% exempted under Section 80-G of Income Tax Act.

Our contact addresses in affected area:

Our Camp Office in Bhuj is located at:                                                                                           

Hotel Prince                                                                                        

Station Road                                                                                           

Bhuj (Kuchch) 

Contact Mobile Numbers: 9810282873/9810093774

Direct telephone No. of Aparajita Cell at VHAI, New Delhi: 011-6856693

We once again express our heartfelt thanks to all of you on behalf of the people of Gujarat for your concerns and timely support to this mammoth task of providing relief and rehabilitation to the victims of this tragedy, which perhaps, is one of the largest disasters in human history.

With best regards.

Sincerely yours,

Alok Mukhopadhyay

Chief Executive