Kutch Navnirman Abhiyan
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EARRS Documentation Reports February 26a  (26th Feb 2001)

Relief Camp For the Earthquake Affected by The Narmada Bachao Andolan, at Balasar, Taluka Rapar, District Kutch
 February 16, 2001

Future Plans

The future plans and commitments of the Balasar Camp team in general and NBA in particular are to be finalized soon. However, some specific and some general plans have emerged which are as follows.

1. Medical Centre at Balasar : Two doctors associated with the "Bharat Jodo" team which had participated in the Balasar Camp have given a commitment to run a medical centre at Balasar for three months. This centre will cater to the medical needs of many of the nearby villages too. The villagers have agreed to give land for the centre. Hopefully, this will later on lead to a PHC being set up by the Government. The centre should be up by the end of February. NBA activists associated with Balasar Camp will help the doctors to set the centre.

2. Earthquake proof housing : It is planned to get some experts teams to visit the area and assist the villages in planning earthquake proof housing. Education programs related to this are also planned.

3. The villager of Balasar have pointed out that there is a need to undertake de-silting of the pond (lake) in Balasar. This, if done even to the extent of 3 feet they say will ensure that they will have drinking water all year round even in drought. It was seen that even now, after two consecutive years of drought, the pond still has fair amount of water. It is planned to undertake this work as a follow up work.

4. The people of Balasar village have expressed a need for building their school building at the earliest. Both the schools have been totally destroyed. The schools are running in tents at present. We hope that this too will be one of the things we take up.

Further plans and specific decisions on the above where these are yet to be taken will be taken soon.

We thank all those who extended their generous hands in assisting the earthquake relief work either through cash donations or through collections in kind.

Narmada Bachao Andolan

16 February 2001