Kutch Navnirman Abhiyan
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EARRS Documentation Reports February 26a  (26th Feb 2001)

Relief Camp For the Earthquake Affected by The Narmada Bachao Andolan, at Balasar, Taluka Rapar, District Kutch
 February 16, 2001

Observations and Evaluation

 The following are the observations and evaluation of the situation from the experience of the camp.

1. There was a lack of correspondence between the requirements of relief and the material that poured in, at least initially.

2. Very limited information was available about the earthquake affected areas, the physical and human devastation, the geography, communication and so on, and this hindered the prompt and proper reaching of relief to these, especially far flung wandhs and villages. The District and Taluka authorities should have made this information available.

3. Apart from houses, the infrastructure in the villages too has been severally damaged and needs to be reconstructed. This includes school, post offices, water and electricity systems etc.

4. The area has been suffering from second consecutive drought. This combined with the earthquake has severally affected the employment opportunities in the area. Special attention needs to be paid to provide employment, and it would be best if the reconstruction efforts are designed in a such a way to provide maximum local employment.

5. Cattle economy is an important part of the area as are the handicrafts and both must be given proper attention.

6. The Government and administration has to play the central role in the relief and reconstruction efforts. It has the main responsibility. Yet, there was a total absence of these in the area, in the initial phases. There was also a lack of coordination between the various organisations and between the organisations and the Government.

7. Water is one of the critical issues of the area, at the same time there are lots of possibilities for developing water resources. These need to be examined properly.