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Bangalore Extends Its Helping Hands
Bangalore - Earthquake Update Appeal No. 11  (March 3rd, 2001)
Bangalore - Earthquake Updates
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From: Bangalore Response to Gujarat Earthquake
Send reply to: esg@bgl.vsnl.net.in
Organization: Environment Support Group

    1. Disaster And Mental Health: Gujarat Earthquake
    • Caring For The Population Of The Earthquake Affected Areas
    • The Challenge
    • Lessons Of Mental Health Work From The Past Disasters In India
    • What Needs To Be ? Caring For The Living
    • Addresses For Contact Relating To Disaster And Mental Health: Gujarat Earthquake

    2. Special Issue Of Medico-Friends Circle Bulletin On Gujarat Earthquake: Call For Contributions

    3. Key Observations And Evaluation By Narmada Bachao Andolan

    4. Oxfam India Press Release: Healing The Wounds

    5. ADPSR Gujarat Earthquake Reconstruction Guidelines

    6. An Exchange Of Opinions

    7. Web Links

    8. Appeal For Funds

    9. Bangalore Response Contact Details