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Earthquake Relief Supplies Report dated 22 Feb 2001
Bangalore - Earthquake Update Appeal No. 9  (26th Feb 2001)
Bangalore Response - Earthquake Relief Supplies Report
(22 Feb 2001) by Parveen Sikand

Dear Friends,

On the 26th of January the Earthquake that destroyed a large part of Kutch, Surendranagar & Rajkot districts moved a large number of Bangalore's concerned citizen's to donate food supplies, finances, medicines, blankets, utensils and clothes via the Bangalore Response (Gujarat Earthquake), a collective of city based voluntary organisations.

To enable effective sorting, packing and distribution of a very large amount of relief supplies, the following organisations took responsibility for:

1) Clothes, blankets & utensils: Ashraya / IndiaCares

2) Food Supplies: Ashraya / Voluntary Health Association of Karnataka

3) Medical Supplies: Community Health Cell / Indian Medical Association / Manipal Heart Foundation / St.John's Medical College & Hospital

4) PsychoSocio Intervention: NIMHANS

5) Cash Donations: Oxfam India Society / SDC-HID Forum / St.John's Medical College & Hospital

6) Co-ordination with Jan Vikas in Ahmedabad (SDC-HID Forum)

7) Information Dissemination: Environment Support Group

The pressure on voluntary organisations and government departments in Gujarat was immense in terms of distributing very large amounts of relief supplies, providing emergency medical aid, identification of worst hit and least resourced areas and co-ordination between varying departments and agencies. We therefore decided to send our supplies after carefully assessing needs and the ability of a local NGOs to distribute effectively the materials sent by us. This was done as follows:

a) 1.6 tons of Medical Supplies and 10 Doctors from St.John's Hospital to Bachau Military Camp from 29th January to 5th February 2001. Sponsored by Care Today, Oxfam India, Gokaldas Images, George Foundation & numerous individual donors.

b) co-ordination with IMA, BMC, Govt. Karnataka to send 3 medical teams to Gujarat within the first 4 days.

c) Food Supplies, Blankets & Utensils: 2.45 tons by air cargo with assistance from Indian Airliens, CII Bangalore & CII Ahmedabad to SETU, Ahmedabad, for distribution in Rapar block, sent on 15th February 2001.

d) 5.5 tons of clothes sent to EFICOR Bhubaneshwar (for distribution to cyclone affected persons in Ersama block of Jagatsinghpur district, sponsored by Gokaldas Images & Oxfam India. This was doen once it became clear that clothes, especially culturally inappropriate clothing, were not required in Gujarat).

31 cartons & sacks to Sangama Slum Dwellers Forum (distribution to 39 slum dwellers huts that were gutted by fires)

10 sacks to Sri Kanteswara Swamy (distribution to community home for destitute children)

11 sacks to Shishu Mandir (for distribution to children in slum areas)

31 sacks & cartons to Janodaya (for distribution amongst non criminal women prisoners)

38 sacks to Freedom Foundation (for distribution to men, women and children at their centre for HIV /AIDS & substance abuse patients)

Our grateful thanks to BARGAINS BAZAAR, Sarjapur Road, for giving us space to store all the relief materials. Also to the Army for a free truck and helpers which moved materials from Ashraya to Sarjapur Road.

e) 0.4 tons of medical supplies to Jan Vikas, by air cargo, assisted by Indian Airlines & CII Bangalore, on 14th February 2001.

f) Cash & Cheque donations to Jan Vikas / Kutch Navnirman Abhiyan, Ahmedabad, for immediate relief in form of food supplies & provision of shelter

g) Cheque donations to Oxfam India Society for long term rehabilitation and physical disability intervention

h) PsychoSocial training and intervention team from NIMHANS to Gujarat. Sponsored by Oxfam India & Action Aid.

Thank you for your support, encouragement & patience,


Oxfam India Society, Community Health Cell, Environment Support Group, St.John's Medical College & Hospital, IndiaCares, SDC-HID Forum, NIMHANS, VHAK