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Charity Aid Foundation - India's response to earthquake relief
Bangalore - Earthquake Update Appeal No. 6
 (9th Feb 2001)

From: Earthquake Update/Appeal No. 6   09 February 2001

Charity Aid Foundation - India's response to earthquake relief

CAF India is operating mainly through the NGO response to the earthquake. In Ahmedabad, under the leadership of Jan Vikas in Ahmedabad. CAF India has made a public response as well as a corporate appeal. Relief material has been pouring from the public. We have despatched about 6 trucks of materials (72 tons) of goods by road. We have now been sending specialized equipment lately like wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and other orthopaedic equipment. We now have an offer from KLM Northwest to fly in a plane load of relief materials. We have been trying to obtain ground clearances for landing in Ahmedabad.

Companies which have donated one days' salary to CAF India have been

1. Asahi Glass
2. India Habitat Centre
3. Selan Exploration
4. Hughes Software Systems
5. Hughes Telecom
6. Elf Oil.
7. Thapar group 8. KLM

Many more have offered but cheques are yet to arrive

We have been supported by Hughes to organize a site on disaster relief within India (www.dryindia.org) to highlight the relief work and provide information on a day to day basis for NGOs and companies. The site is run on a voluntary basis by volunteers of Hughes. Read more about it at Disaster Relief and You: www.dryindia.org Email for CAF India cafindia@vsnl.com