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Bangalore Extends Its Helping Hands
Bangalore - Earthquake Update Appeal No. 5  (7th Feb 2001)

No more Clothes, Only Woolens needed
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There is a complete stop on collecting used clothes, unless they are woolies. We will endeavour to send the 4 truckloads presently in Bangalore, but only if they are going to be distributed effectively. The present reports are that there are too many in Gujarat and both govt. and the NGOs have asked that no more clothes be sent to Gujarat. We will keep what we have for another 10 days and then take an appropriate decision as to which poor and needy communities here in Bangalore they will be distributed to. We are also in touch with SEWA in Ahmedabad, IIMA & Dr. Reddy's clothes bank. By next week we will have a clear idea as to where the clothes can be best utilised.

So, please no more clothes for the present..

With regards and thanks for all your support,

Parveen <parveen@vwebsol.com> for Bangalore Response - Gujarat Earthquake