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Bangalore Extends Its Helping Hands

Bangalore - Earthquake Update Appeal No. 1  (29th Jan 2001)

While the devastating earthquake left over 20,000 dead and thousands rendered injured, vulnerable and even disabled, and the city of Bangalore panicked due to a tremor today morning, preparations were under way in the city to extend a helping hand for the earthquake affected people in Gujarat. A team of doctors from Bangalore, that comprises of medical specialists like orthopaedicians, surgeons and paramedics, have just left for the quake affected areas. The medical team from St. John's Medical College Hospital, headed by Dr. Venkatesh, left Bangalore by the Bangalore - Ahmedabad flight (IC 610) at 5: 45 pm, today (29th Jan). The team is carrying life saving medicines and equipments weighing over 1.6 tonnes. The medicines are drawn up from the WHO list of essential drugs that includes IV fluids, analgesics, and surgical materials. The team is expected to reach Radhanpur, a place located 200 kms away from Ahmedabad by tomorrow morning. The team will be working through a relief base set up near Radhanpur by Medico Friend Circle, a national level network of medical professionals and health activists. This relief base has been set up near Radhanpur to cater emergency medical care exclusively in rural pockets that has been neglected and under served by others. The rapid response team from Bangalore is being facilitated by a group of national and international voluntary organisations based in Bangalore, namely Oxfam India, India Cares, Community Health Cell and Action Aid. The financial assistance for this first medical team has been made possible from the contributions from Care Today. Disaster relief and training Cell of St. John's hospital is working in close co-ordination with these agencies to organise more relief team who are expected to leave for Gujarat in the coming days.

The above agencies, some of them specialised in disaster response work, is working on an action plan regarding their involvement in the long-term intervention that the earthquake-affected pockets will need. They are also putting efforts to evolve a co-ordinated response to channelise the humanitarian concern and assistance that the Bangaloreans have expressed.

A co-ordination meeting of voluntary agencies and charities in the city is being organised tomorrow to plan future action.

On behalf of the above mentioned agencies, Dr. Unnikrishnan PV, Fellow: Emergencies & Disasters, Oxfam India

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Parveen, India cares,Bangalore.
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