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Three Reports on the Gujarat Pogrom
June 2002

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Dear friends,

This is to inform you that members of Medico Friend Circle, PUCL Vadodara and Shanti Abhiyan would like to release their investigative reports on the Gujarat pogrom, share their expereinces, concerns and voice the demands.

The release is scheduled for 25th June, the eve of anti-emergency day, at 3 pm. The venue is - Women's Press Corps, 5 Windsor Place (near Meridian hotel), New Delhi Phone 3325366.

The reports to be released are:

1. Violence In Vadodara: A Report' by the PUCL Vadodara,

2. 'At The Receiving End: Women's Experiences of Violence in Vadodara' by the Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan

3. 'Carnage In Gujarat - A Public Health Crisis' by the Medico Friends

Members of Medico Friend Circle conducted an investigation of the health impact of the carnage in Gujarat. The report titled 'Carnage in Gujarat- A Public Health Crisis' looks into the health conditions in the relief camps, state of medical relief, provision of services to survivors in the public hospitals, issues of medical ethics and the barriers to treatment faced by the victims of violence, medico-legal issues, attacks on medical professionals, impact on health professionals, issues of mental health and counselling and the essential needs for rehabilitation.

PUCL-Vadodara and Shanti Abhiyan fact-finding teams investigated incidents of violence in different areas of the city and surrounding villages. The area reports describe events in areas in and around Vadodara based on interviews with victims in their own localities and in relief camps; details from claim forms; depositions before the Citizens' Tribunal which held hearings in Vadodara; and interviews with Hindu neighbours of victims and residents of different areas.

Apart from the area reports, the report presents history of communal violence in Vadodara, role of police and media, women's experiences, relied and rehabilitation packages. It also lists names of those accused as perpetrators including the police and political leaders.

'At The Receiving End, Women's Experiences of Violence' highlights the police atrocities on women of the minority community of Vadodara through the period of February end till mid May 2002. It also brings out certain recurrent themes that emerged from women's testimonies. Women's demands as well as PUCL-Shanti Abhiyan's recommendations for justice are presented. Selected testimonies included in the report give an idea of the range of experiences that the women went through.

The speakers will include - Shri Jagdishbhai Shah- the well known Sarvodaya leader and President of Gujarat Sarvodaya Mandal, Renu Khanna of PUCL, also an active member of SAHAJ (Society for Health Alternatives)and Medico Friend Circle, from Vadodara; Dr. Ritu Priya, Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health (JNU), member of MFC and NB Sarojini, Convenor MFC and an active member of Sama Health Forum, Delhi.

We request you to be a part of the press release and the public meeting.

N.B Sarojini
Convenor, Medico Friend Circle
Renu Khanna