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    Aman Ekta Manch Update 6 (June 21, 2002)

    Dear Friends,

    Hello! The past week has been especially good. We have had new energies being generated from within Aman Ekta Manch. The school team has initiated a great effort as is evident from their report and the proposed workshop. Three cheers to the school campaign team! The Aman Ekta Manch cultural team is under formation and its first meeting is proposed to be held next week. The basic idea is to communicate with people through art forms. If you are interested, then drop us a line at this e-mail id or if you know someone else who would be interested, please give our contact. 35 volunteers have returned from Ahmedabad carrying back with them an unforgettable experience. They have largely contributed to giving a substantive structure to the work required to be done. Soon we would be getting across to you a report of the work being done by the volunteers there. We wish to mention here that certain coordinated efforts to send volunteers to Gujarat are going on apart from the Aman Ekta Manch programme, information of which we would be circulating through this compilation. There is a need for many more volunteers to Gujarat, please drop us a line if you think you can help. Volunteers feel that this programme, among other things is doing one important thing – helping to ‘reconstruct a badly shaken faith in very basic human values´.

    Preparations are going on for the mass campaigns at Karol Bagh on the 30th of June and Chittranjan Park on the 6th of July. Also pressure is being exerted on some influential people in order to prevent the scheduled rath yatra on the 12th of July in Ahmedabad from being used by the rightwing to achieve its ugly ends.

    Hopes and best wishes,
    In Solidarity,
    Aman Ekta Manch