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What is New - Added on June 21st, 2002
June 21st, 2002

  • Modi hands out perks to Godhra prosecutor
    Amit Mukherjee, Times News Network, June 21, 2002

  • Gujarat’s grim march
    What a government — to fashion a triumph out of a tragedy
    Editorial, June 21, 2002

  • Another place, another riot and another divide
    Rakshit Sonawane, June 21, 2002, The Indian Express

  • Now playing in Ahmedabad: yatra after yatra
    Janyala Sreenivas, The Indian Express, June 20, 2002

  • When Hindutva rises, Hinduism falls
    Daily Pioneer, Jun 20, 2002

  • While Patriotic India is Busy in Its Jingoism, the Victims of the Continuing Genocide in Gujarat Are Rotting By Shabnam Hasmi (in New Delhi), June 21, 2002