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What is New - Added on June 7th
June 7th , 2002

  • The Agony in Gujarat: A Report on Gujarat Riots
    Shree Shankar Sharan, Mainstream Weekly, June 7, 2002

  • US Commission to hold hearing on Gujarat massacre
    NDTV Correspondent, June 6, 2002 (Washington )

  • Urgent Request for Condemnation of Violence in Gujarat to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights
    From the Forum against Oppression of Women, May 31, 2002

  • Reflections on 'Gujarat Pradesh' of 'Hindu Rashtra'
    Commentary, by K Balagopal, Economic and Political Weekly, June 01, 2002

  • Advani Ban Move in UK
    From Shrabani Basu, The Telegraph , 7 June 2002

  • A Peace March Against Communal Hatred and Violence
    On-site Account, June 6, 2002
    Source: South Asia Citizens Wire Dispatch | 7 June 2002