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What is New - Recently Added
June 3rd, 2002

  • Genocide in Rural Gujarat: The Experience of Dahod District  (PDF, 49 pages)
    A report prepared by Forum Against oppression of Women and Aawaaz-E-Niswaan, Bombay, June 2002

  • Rapes Go Unpunished In Indian Mob Attacks
    Muslim Women Say Claims Are Ignored
    By Rama Lakshmi, Special to The Washington Post, June 3, 2002

  • Jansangh blasts Modi Govt for Gujarat bloodbath
    PTI, New Delhi, The Hindustan Times, June 2, 2002

  • 'It's a travesty of justice if cases not given to CBI'
    Times News Network, June 03, 2002

  • Modi not in mood for CBI probe into riots
    Raveen Thukral, The Hindustan Times, June 3, 2002

  • Minorities on the edge
    Amulya Ganguli, Editorial, The Hindustan Times, June 3, 2002

  • Back From Dead To Talk Of Life
    Basant Rawat, Telegraph - Calcutta, June 3, 2002

  • Hindu Shield in Burning Gujarat
    Sunando Sarkar and Alamgir Hossain, Telegraph - Calcutta, June 3, 2002

  • 'By tolerating injustice you are supporting it'
    Harsh Mander, IAS officer, Interview Of The Week, June 3, 2002, Deccan Chronicle (Hyderabad, India) (Registration required to access this page)