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What is New - Added on May 30th
May 30th, 2002

  • Serial of violence Ensure that the guilty in Gujarat will never escape the law
    Editorial, The Indian Express, May 30th, 2002

  • Backroom parleys delay NHRC report
    Akshaya Mukul, The Times of India, May 30th, 2002

  • Us and them
    Divya Dwivedi, The Hindustan Times, May 30th, 2002

  • 12 people injured in bomb blasts in Ahmedabad
    NDTV Correspondent, May 29, 2002 (Ahmedabad)

  • Straw demands inquiry into killings of Britons in Gujarat
    By P. Jayaram, Indo -Asian News Service, May 29, 2002

  • VHP launches oust-Gill campaign
    Raveen Thukral ,The Hindustan Times, Ahmedabad, May 29, 2002