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What is New - Added on May 26th 2002
May 26th, 2002

  • The scariest show on earth
    Peter Popham, The Independent UK, 26 May 2002

  • Peace, War and Hinduism
    Rajmohan Gandhi, The Hindu, May 26, 2002

  • Gujarat’s traumatised children relive horrors of violence
    New Delhi, Deccan Herald, May 24, 2002 (IANS)

  • Caught on camera, they slipped out of Gujarat cell
    Few chargesheets filed, most looters walk free on bail
    Stavan Desai, The Indian Express, May 25th 2002

  • Democracy
    Who's she when she's at home?

    Arundhati Roy,Outlook India.Com | Magazine | May 06, 2002
    (Following links were added as an update to May 6th Article)
    [Arundhati Roy's letter published in Outlook dated May 27, 2002: To the Jaffri Family, An Apology.
    A Rejoinder - Fiddling With Facts As Gujarat Burns - by: Balbir K. Punj, May 27th 2002]

  • Rumble In The Jungle
    The Gill Effect hasn't worn off. A revamped police force helps bring back a tenuous calm. Priyanka Kakodkar,, May 27, 2002

  • A Plot From The Devil's Lair
    A late-evening meeting convened by Modi on February 27 ensured mobs a free hand the next day Manu Joseph,, June 3, 2002