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Delhi Resolution
    Resolution Adopted on 26th April 2002 [ NEW DELHI]

    What has happened in Gujarat is nothing short of a state –sponsored pogrom against the minority community. It is the beginning of the end of India of our dreams.

    * We appeal to the leaders of political parties, in particular the allies of NDA to come out clearly on the side of India, take an unambiguous stand in defence of secular democracy, censure the Central Government and the Government of Gujarat and put an end to the nefarious and destructive designs of the "Hindutava" forces.

    * To this end, they must insist on the immediate removal of Narendra Modi from Chief Ministership, on the recall of the present Governor of Gujarat, and on bringing Gujarat under the President's Rule.

    *We demand that independent CBI investigation should be initiated as advised by the NHRC without delay.

    * We demand that the Government of India set up a Judicial Inquiry Commission on the lines of the Jagmohan Reddy Commission.

    *We demand that all those guilty of perpetrating the horrendous crimes in Gujarat, whether through direct participation, direction or encouragement or through criminal negligence or inaction, are punished under the law of the land, irrespective of the positions held by them.

    *We demand that the relief and rehabilitation of the victims of the pogrom be placed under the control and supervision of an independent committee of eminent citizens not holding any position under the government. Relief and rehabilitation must include medical aid and psychiatric care and holding of school examinations at a later date for the victims.

    * We demand that in the states ruled by democratic and secular forces, immediate action be taken to ban the RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal and other similar fascist outfits.

    * We believe that extensive and continuing intervention in Gujarat is essential at different levels—cultural, educational, social and political. We dedicate ourselves to the task of restoring sanity and amity in our society in Gujarat and elsewhere.


    S.P. Shukla IAS (Retd) Former Finance Secretary and Member of Planning Commission.
    K.S. Subramanian IPS (Retd.) Former Director General of Police Tripura
    Kei N. Daruwala IPS (Retd)
    Justice A.M.Ahmadi Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India
    Prof. Yash Pal former Chairman, University Grants Commission
    Harsh Mander IAS
    M.S.Farooqi Former IG CRPF
    Vishva Bandhu Gupta
    Dr. Mira Shiva, VHAI
    Prof. Ghanshyam Shah (JNU)
    Prof. Aditya Mukherji (JNU)
    Prof. Mridula Mukherji (JNU)
    Chanderjit Yadav, former Member of Parlament
    Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty (Delhi University)
    Prof Sumit Sarakar (Delhi University)
    Prof. Tanika Sarkar (JNU)
    Malathi Subramanian, Principal, Daulat Ram College
    Prof. Rajeev Bharagav (Delhi University)
    Prof. Satish Saberwal
    DR. Kamal Mitra Chenoy (JNU)
    Prof. Gulshan Dietl (JNU)
    Upendra Vajpai
    Mary Scaria Justice Peace Commission
    Seema Mustafa

    And 100 others