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NGOs keep off riot victims in Gujarat, Deccan Herald, May 14
    AHMEDABAD, May 13: After the devastating Bhuj earthquake aid poured in from national and international agencies, but after the nation’s worst communal riot made thousands homeless in the state, voluntary agencies are not coming forward with assistance.

    Many of the citizens in the city are of the opinion that the agencies who rushed with aid after the January 26, 2001 earthquake have “purposefully” ignored the tragedy this time because of its “political nature”. It is said that international agencies like UN bodies, the British, the US and the Dutch voluntary agencies have received instructions from their headquarters not to provide assistance to the riot victims. The reason is that these agencies consider the Gujarat violence as a conflict situation and to work in such circumstances the agencies, with the exception of Red Cross, need a formal request from the state. None of them has received any such request.   More..