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March for Tolerenance (Ayodhya-Delhi)
September 27-October 2nd, 2002

As some of you already know, a group of ordinary Indians, activists, prominent citizens and religious leaders (from all religions) have organized, and are participating in a peoples march, from Ayodhya to Delhi. This march, called `Mil ke Chalo', started on the 27th of September, and will reach Delhi on Gandhi Jayanti, the 2nd of October. The organizers expect 10,000 people to join them in the final phase of the march in New Delhi. The participants on this march will call for tolerance in public life, and will call upon the people they meet to shun the politics of hatred and division.

Mil ke chalo was organized by Swami Agnivesh (who gave a talk about this, and other issues, in Boston earlier this month), and is supported by several very prominent Indians, including former president K.R. Narayanan, former PMs V.P. Singh and I.K. Gujaral, Justice Krishna Iyer, Fali Nariman, Nafisa Ali, and several religious leaders and social activists including Magsaysay award winner Sandeep Pande.

As you will surely agree, initiatives like Mil ke Chalo are very important; they could provide a counter to the several militant marches we have witnessed over the last 15 years. Most of us cannot physically attend Mil ke Chalo, but we can multiply its effect by publically supporting it. To that end, we have formulated a petition endorsing this march and its objectives. This petition may be found at

Please review the petition and sign up on it, if you agree with its contents. Please also forward this message to all your friends, and to all appropriate email lists. I request you to act with urgency; Mil ke Chalo is already well underway; we should gather many signatures by the 2nd of October. The signed petition will be presented to the President of India APJ Kalam at the end of the march on October 2.