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Gathering at Tilonia, Rajasthan (June 3rd Week, 2002)

Early this week in Rajasthan, the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan along with Social Work Research Center, Tilonia organised a huge gathering of women against communalism at Tilonia.

Quite a few of us from Aman Ekta Manch were also there. The meet, which was for three days, was attended by nearly 1000 women from various districts of Rajasthan. It was very well organised and had a tremendous impact. The women went back taking the vow that they would not let any flag whether it be green or saffron to be planted atop their houses, they will protest the entry of trishuls into their houses, will not believe in provocative leaflets intending to divide people along communal lines, will not donate to such endeavors, among other general vows to keep humanity alive.

It may be recalled that this comes in the wake of an attempt made by the communal forces to spread hate in the Bhilwara district of central Rajasthan wherein 1.5 lakh trishuls have already been distributed along with leaflets.

Source: Source: Aman Ekta Manch: Action Updates - VII, June 29, 2002