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September 8/9 - 14/15

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NRIs Sadbhavana Mission To Gujarat & New Delhi
September 7 –15, 2002

Non-Resident Indians for Secular & Harmonious India

Sadbhavana Mission to India
for keeping India Secular and Harmonious
September 2002

Dear Friend of Humanity:

All of us were deeply anguished by the massacre of innocent people in the state of Gujarat. In numerous local, regional and national meetings in USA, we have been searching ways of preventing re-occurrence of such violence in Gujarat or elsewhere.

It has been proposed to take a Sadbhavana Mission to India for keeping India Secular and Harmonious. The mission will consist of key people from all walks of life who are of Indian Origin and have been active in the work of promoting Communal Harmony and Secular Values.

We are particularly interested in having people of Gujarati Hindu Origins and willing to travel to be with us in India from Sunday, Sept 8 or 9 to Sept 14 or 15.

First we will visit Godhra in Gujarat where the killings started. We will gather in Ahmedabad a day earlier and then take a minibus to Godhra.

Then, we will meet the survivors of the massacre in Ahmedabad and nearby areas and meet with voluntary group leaders who have worked to help rehabilitate them. A number of individuals and groups who have already agreed to join this Historic Mission to India have raised significant amount of resources for the rehabilitation effort.

We invite your ideas, suggestions and assistance to help these survivors feel secure and how their livelihoods can be restored. We feel strongly that the Gujarat Massacre was politically motivated by those who consider killing of innocent persons justified for their political objectives.

There is enough detailed information on the Gujarat carnage in the Indian newspapers and magazines such as The Times of India and Outlook etc. There may be many Non Resident Indians visiting India during the month of September and if you can rebroadcast this message to your lists, they can join us.

We have about 15 persons confirmed to go and need only 10 additional participants from anywhere from the world and we are seeking Gujaratis, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Women and Youth delegates specially. We already have enough Christian and Muslim delegates.

For information, please phone Mr. Satinath Choudhury 718-548-5249 or Mr. George Abraham 718-478-2196 or Shrikumar Poddar 617-337-7888 in the next 24 to 48 hours. Latest by August 12th 2002.

Every participants will have to bear their own travel and room and board costs in Ahmedabad and New Delhi (12-15). Those who cannot will have to ask their friends and colleagues to help.

If you are interested in keeping in touch with this issue, please send an email to:

Many thanks for your broadcasting this email message as widely as possible. With warmest personal regards,

Sincerely yours,

Shrikumar Poddar
2601 Cochise Lane, Okemos, Michigan 48864-2055
Email: or