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March for Peace & Harmony
27 May to 21 June, 2002, Chitrakoot to Ayodhya

Update on the Chitrakoot-Ayodhya Padyatra (June 21, 2002)

Source: Action Updates-VI, "Aman Ekta Manch" , 21 Jun 2002

Dear friends,

A combined meeting of representatives of various organizations will take place on 22nd and 23rd june in ayodhya after the padyatra ends there. The padyatra is going on fine and we´re presently near jaunpur.

The padyatra will enter faizabad-ayodhya on 21st june (i.e., if we´re allowed to enter) and the closing programme of the yatra will take place in the afternoon. the venue is not yet decided. you may call Huma or Arundhati at (05278) 23096 to find out about with Sheetla Singh, editor of Jan Morcha. his numbers are (05278) 22747, 22777, Mobile: 9838065243. you may also call suman gupta who works for the same newspaper. her mobile number is 9838065345.

The 22nd june meeting, in which the focus of discussion will be on the communalism question, will take place in Press Club of Faizabad and 23rd june meeting, in which we´ll focus on indo-pak relations question, the nuclear weapons question and related issues, will take place in Jan Morcha Sabhagaar in Faizabad.

The arrangements for your stay in faizabad-ayodhya will be made by us and you may contact Huma/Arundhati at abovementioned number to find out about this.

See you in faizabad-ayodhya between 21-23 june. Please remember 22-23 june coincides with a meeting of VHP in Hardwar to discuss the next phase of Ram Mandir construction movement. a number of the padyatris will be observing a fast on these two days as a mark of protest. love, sandeep p.s. bobby - please send this message to more people.