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Coalition Against Communalism
May 19, 2002 Meeting

Coalition Against Communalism
May 25, 2002 Meeting

‘Insaniyat - Coalition Against Communalism’ Meeting
Mumbai, June 22nd, 2002

Insaaniyat (the coalition that was formed at the YWCA meeting on May 25) will be having a general meeting at YWCA (Motlibai street, Bombay Central; nr Maratha Mandir) at 4.00 - 6.00 p.m. on Saturday 22nd June. For additional info write to Ammu Abraham

Genocide Under Democracy? Gujarat and the Political Crisis In India” (followed by a discussion)

Speakers: Dilip Simeon and Gurpal Singh

It is now widely acknowledged that the hideous massacre of Muslims in Gujarat after 27 February was not a communal riot. The avowed aim of wiping out the entire community and the involvement of the local state administration, police, and state-sponsored militias in the violence have prompted many to describe it as genocide.

Dilip Simeon (historian) will talk about the wider political implications of these events, and particularly the dire threat they pose to democracy in this country. He will emphasise our need to learn from experiences of the past, that is, to understand the present historically, and outline a general strategy of resistance to the forces that are destroying democracy and the social and political fabric of the country.

Gurpal Singh (film maker), who has been working in the relief camps for several weeks, will talk about the impact on victims, and how the state policy of genocide and ethnic-cleansing is still evident in the treatment of survivors, despite the reduction in overt violence.

The steering group and the sub-group co-ordinators will also give a brief report to update all of us about the developments in their respective areas and the progress that has been made after the last meeting. The steering group of Insaniyat