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Campaign Demanding NHRC´s Recommendations Mandatory
Ahmedabad June 30, 2002: Government held responsible
State Level Vasant Rajab Conference

A state level Vasant-Rajab conference was held today at Himavan Paldi, Ahmedabad. Vasant-Rajab is the symbol of supreme sacrifice for communal harmony and life long struggle for socio-economic justice. In the present communal disturbance in the state, this conference was very significant. Inspite of rain, delegates from different part of the state covering various aspects of life attended this conference and participated on the main resolution that was placed by Shri Prakash N. Shah, convenor of Movement for Secular Democracy(MSD).

The resolution covered various aspects of ethnic cleansing of present day and turn it is as a ‘pogrom´ by the ruling BJP Government. The resolutions demanded NHRC recommendations mandatory failing which people´s movement will be launched. A one-month notice to the Government has been given for the fullest implementation of NHRC recommendations because the Government has totally failed in relief and rehabilitation of the victims. It urge to improve condition of the relief camps keeping the torrential rain in view and continue the relief camps so long rehabilitation is not made properly.

About 35 speakers participated which includes Shri Girish Patel, Justice A.P. Ravani, Prof. Abid Shamshi, Fr.Cedric Prakash, Manishi Jani, Elaben Pathak, Abhinav Shukla, Kirit Bhatt, Dr. Swati Joshi, Dinesh Shukla, Ilaben Joshi, Trupti Shah, Naina Shah, Saraben Baltiwala, Chintamani Panchgaonkar, Ganpat Rathod, Pravin Pandya, Dr. Anjana Argare, G.K. Parmar, Mahadev Vidrohi, Fr. Williams, Martin Macwan, Darshini Mahadivya, Dwarikanath Rath and many other trade union, women activists.

In between Gujarati translation of ‘Communalism in Indian Politics´ by Shri Rajni Kothari translated by Fr. Williams was released by Justice A.P. Ravani.

A signature campaign has been released addressed to the President of India to make NHRC recommendations mandatory. On 6th of July a human chain programme will be taken demanding justice and peace at Nehru Bridge from 4 to 5 pm and similar programmes will be taken in various part of the state.

On 1st of July the date of martyrdom of Vasant-Rajab floral tribute will be paid at the Memorial, Jamalpur.

The conference ended with comraderi and spirit for communal harmony and peace. The meeting ended with the song ‘we shall overcome´.

News by (Dwarikanath Rath)
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