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A Meeting to Discuss the Issue of Gujarat Genocide and the Coming Elections in Gujarat, Vadodara, November 3, 2002

Dear Friends and Comrades,

When Gujarat was in the grip of worst ever, mindless communal violence and thousands were butchered, killed, the whole society was sharply divided on communal line, all the political parties were mute spectators or maintained silence on this issue, the handful social activist and human right activist gave resistance to fascist forces whatever way it was possible.

The issue of Gujarat Genocide is very much alive and needs to be kept alive. Ruling political party BJP wants this issue to be closed and Congress is unwilling to take it up.

There is an urgent need to take this issue before the masses of Gujarat and the country, the principles of secularism, peace, democracy and tolerance must be protected.

Many social Activists from Gujarat and elsewhere feel that we must utilize coming Assembly election as an opportunity to go to the masses with this message. Though we believe that BJP must go but also it is important that issue of Gujarat Genocide should not be allowed to close down and mainly it must be kept alive at political level and in new Gujarat Assembly also. Therefore an urgent meeting has been called at Baroda on 3rd November, 2002 at 10 a.m. at Sardar Bhavan, Jubilee baug, Raopura, Baroda and you are requested to attend this meeting and also inform other groups, activists, forums, organizations, NGO´s, cultural activists, journalists, dalit, Adivasis, minority activists to attend the meeting.

We are looking forward to have activists from all over the country for the meeting, you please spread the message across the country, though the notice is very short but it is also very important to meet and deliberate and draw the strategy. We are going to discuss concept of People´s candidate to put up in Gujarat Assembly Elections in 4-5 constituencies with or without support of the Congress.

We again appeal you all to attend the meeting and extend the support and solidarity.


Ramesh Pimple, Kirit Bhatt, Rohit Prajapati and many others.

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Mobile No. 9821109295