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Sahmat exhibition gets big response
HTC, Friday, March 22, 2002

New Delhi The response to the photo exhibitions and sale of artworks organised in the Capital to raise funds for relief and rehabilitation of the riot victims in Gujarat has been overwhelming with the sale crossing Rs 3 lakh on Thursday. ..

This was announced by the Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT), which has organised the exhibition. SAHMAT had urged the artists to send their works for the sale. Over 121 works were collected, which included many of well-known artists like Satish Gujral, Arpana Caur and Jatin Das.

Ethnic Cleansing In Ahmedabad: A Preliminary Report, SAHMAT, Fact Finding Team To Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad, 10-11th March 2002

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Ideas from Comments
Artists Against Communalism or Something.....???

Ram Rehman, Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT)

Please forward

Dear Friends, we at Sahmat have been talking about how the creative community can make some statement on the Gujarat situation. We have already raised funds through exhibitions and performances, but over discussions thought some kind of a statement and collective meeting (maybe in Delhi) would make some impact.

Initially the idea was that Gujarati's come together and make a call for peace, justice and rehabilitation. But I have been speaking with (in person and phone and e mail) with many of you ...David Abraham, Dadi Padamjee, Pushpamala, Sujata Kesavan, Rekha Rodwittiya.....any number of others....and it struck me that there are so many people from all over India who have studied at art and architecture institutions in Gujarat in the last 30 - 40 years (or taught there)...who are major figures in our contemporary culture, that a collective statement going out from them too would have a tremendous impact. NID, CEPT, MS University Baroda, Darpana, Kumudini Lakhia's school.....classical musicians, Dastkar etc. many institutions have produced so many of our finest contemporary cultural minds who are now scattered all over the world. A contemporary cultural statement or plea to bring back the rule of law and a healing hand may mean something???

I'm just sending this out for reactions and as a sounding board for you to react to. Please forward this to all your fellow students, teachers etc. and let's see if we can gather some creative energy for something...Artists Against Communalism...or something!!!!

Warmest, Ram ,