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    Volunteer Programme: Society for the Promotion of Rational Thinking (SPRAT)

    SPRAT offers scope for use of different skills - from reconstruction of destroyed huts to finding alternative gainful occupations. But a major initiative relates to assessment of damages suffered by persons and properties. A mammoth task by any standard, this requires time commitment of a certain length. Ideally, two weeks to two months may be a realistic duration.

    For volunteers committing their whole time and talent, we would be pleased to take care of modest, shared accommodation and frugal meals. What better can be arranged from a ravaged community?

    Graduates plus, perhaps with some communication/quantitative analysis/documentation skills would be ideal. Both men and women are needed. However the work calls for a serious commitment and organise approach. Smooth transition and uninterrupted workflow would be necessary.

    Please let SPRAT know [Co-ordinators: J P Tripati, Williams] brief details of the desirous volunteers.

    In solidarity,
    M H Jowher
    SPRAT[Society for the Promotion of Rational Thinking]

    Adm. Office: SF-8, Rajnagar Complex, Narayan Nagar Road, Paldi, AHMEDABAD 380 007

    Regd Office: A-1, Moonbaker Duplex, Rajnagar Complex, Vishwakunj, Paldi, AHMEDABAD 380 007 INDIA

    Tel: +91-79-663 46 55 /66 /77 [1000-1800 Hrs]
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