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  • Required trained counselors in Gujarat

    The riots in Gujarat has crippled thousands all over. Many initiatives towards healing are on, both in the cities and the villages.

    One such initiative is carried out by the CHARUTAR MANDAL, TRIBHOVANDAS FOUNDATION with SRIKRISHNA HOSPITAL in the Anand-Kheda belt in approximately 14 villages.

    An initial assessment revealed high level of distress and emotional pain among the survivors. Displacement, lack of acceptance by the unaffected community, fear and existential dilemmas color the entire scenario.

    The need of the hour is for trained counselors to provide hope, help share feelings of distress and help build their lives gain .The project area covers only villages Those interested should work for at least for 5 days between Monday and Friday. The expenses towards travel will be borne by us and comfortable hospitality at SRIKRISHNA HOSPITAL guesthouse will be provided.

    Counselors who would be interested in working voluntarily should immediately contact me at

    Please provide your dates and month of travel. The next batch will go immediately after Diwali. Harish Shetty